Name _ Magazine ___

Points Possible

Individual Work

By When?
Class Blog Contributions
5 x 10 points = 50 points
Still Ongoing
Historical Magazine Analysis
50 points
Current Magazine Analysis
50 points
Feature Article/Layout*
50 points
Draft due today
Final due by?
Department/Column Layout*
50 points
Draft due today
Final due by ?
Table of Contents Sample*
50 points
Group Work

9-Square Business Analysis and Testing
50 points
Target Audience/Competitive Analysis
50 points
Revenue Spreadsheet
Group Evaluation
100 points
Due 5/4
Online/Mobile Strategy/Wireframes
100 points
Strategy: Done
Wireframes: Due 4/27 with prototype
Using Photoshop and an online picture of an iPhone or pencil and paper, design the home screen of your online or mobile strategy
Media Kit [Circulation/Editor]
-Editorial Statement

-Editorial Calendar

-List of Potential Advertisers
100 points
Due: 4/20
Gathered from prior work in Google Docs and from competitive analysis
Prototype [Editor/Designer]
-Logo/Cover Design

-Table of Contents*


-Feature Articles *
100 points
DUE: 4/27
Cover: Finalize logo, cover design and blurbs based on prototype table of contents
TOC: Represents in detail and design, your TOC
Departments/Columns: Pick the best of your columns/departments from your teams and design/edit around those. One (1) of each.
Feature: Pick one (1) the features from your team and create the print ready page layout.
Magazine Pitch [Team]
100 points
DUE: 5/7*
Create a 5-7 slide “pitch deck”. Instructions for pitch deck and demos to come before
*Pitch is completed with final exam presentation to panel of magazine experts.
Classroom Participation
100 points
Prepared at team meetings to discuss progress, assignments, deadlines.
In-Class Discussion
1,000 points