Course Objectives

  1. Construct and deliver a pitch
  2. Conduct market research
  3. Conduct audience analysis
  4. Understand the entrepreneurial landscape/startup culture: key players, new products, delivery innovations, technological disruptions, financial options.
  5. Conduct a competitive analysis
  6. Create a minimum viable product (a wireframe, prototype)
  7. Read, understand and create financial statements
  8. Understand basic pros and cons of different types of startup capital
  9. Understand legal and regulatory framework for their business (their class project)
  10. Differentiate between an idea and an opportunity; clearly state a value proposition
  11. Conceive and develop an idea
  12. Develop a business plan

Other responses included understanding entrepreneurship as a career pathway, analyzing current media startups, working as a team, understanding freelancing, setting up taxes, promoting business using social media, project management skills, and monetizing businesses. Many of the faculty expressed concern about being able to work all of these objectives into one semester of work. Some have already dealt with this by splitting the objectives/deliverables into two semesters: the first semester class introduces concepts and idea generation leading to a project pitch; the second class addresses development of the idea in an incubator or startup lab environment.