Assignment - Thought Experiment - Coester

Scientists often use thought experiments to explore unconventional ideas, to provoke challenges to current knowledge, and to imagine outcomes or consequences without physical restraints.

Your challenge is to imagine what the media industry will be like in 50 years, 100 years, and 200 years.

You’ll be visiting the unknowable future...Feel free to be outrageous. But be informed and practical, as well as idealistic (or pessimistic).

Your task is to draw up a vision statement for your company. Your major now may be News or PR or Advertising. You’ll need to envision what role are you playing in this imaginary future? Do you play a role at all?

Your vision should include a concise mission statement, a description of the landscape (market forces, competitors, "lay of the land"); and a brief description of the role you play in this landscape, and your company's contribution to society.

You can and should describe how technology does (or doesn't) play a role in this landscape, but focus on behavior and the nature of technology culture in this imaginary media world.

Dana Coester
Assistant Professor
Reed College of Media
Creative Director
Media Innovation Center
West Virginia University