June 26, 2015 -AEJMC 2015 Pre-conference workshop "hackathon" - Media Entrepreneurship August 5, 2015 in San Francisco

The AEJMC Pre-Conference Workshop on Media Entrepreneurship, a joint workshop of the Participatory Journalism Interest Group, the Media Management & Economics Division, and the Newspaper Research Journal will provide examples of how schools and colleges have implemented media entrepreneurship and innovation as a focus and discuss how higher education institutions might think strategically about building an ecosystem for innovation both inside and outside the classroom. We'll provide an expo of best practices from around the world and give hands-on guidance to syllabi creation, contest management and other implementation issues. We'll also showcase student startup work and share student stories of those who have chosen entrepreneurial paths and the value of their exposure to media entrepreneurship.

June 26, 2015 - Call for submissions to special issue of the Newspaper Research Journal focused on media entrepreneurship and the changing journalism landscape.

Special Issue of Newspaper Research Journal Focused on
“Media Entrepreneurship and the Changing Journalism Landscape”

Publication Date: Summer 2016
Deadline for Submissions: Aug. 15, 2015

Special Issue Editor: Michelle P. Ferrier, Associate Professor/Associate Dean for Innovation, Ohio University, Scripps College of Communication

Direct Queries or Submissions To:
Dr. Michelle Ferrier; ferrierm@ohio.edu; 740-593-9860

Overview: From independent hyperlocal online news operations to cooperative models for community news and information and mobile app mania, new players are entering the journalism arena with new forms and new tools. How is the landscape changing? Who are the innovators? How do higher education institutions help students develop the skills to navigate a shifting landscape that requires creativity and innovation – and sometimes creating new businesses?

This call is for manuscripts that will provide insights into the opportunities and challenges for startup media enterprises, intrapreneurship or innovation within legacy media organizations, new models of sustainability and the role of higher education. Articles may also offer insights into how higher education and journalism school curricula may adapt to prepare students for new ways doing journalism work.

Peer-Reviewed Articles: Both social-scientific and cultural/critical approaches will be considered, as will mixed-methods approaches. Submissions will undergo NRJ’s usual peer-review process and must be original research that is not under review with any other publication, although modified conference papers will considered. NRJ’s published guidelines regarding length, citation style and formatting of tabular material will apply.

Essays from the Field: Media educators and professionals are encouraged to submit pieces that offer a perspective on the changing media landscape and entrepreneurship and innovation within it. Ideally, these pieces will include some original reporting and look beyond the case of one university, news outlet or startup media organization.

Newspaper Research Journal is a refereed journal published quarterly that focuses on topics of interest to journalism and mass communication students, scholars and media professionals.

Submission Instructions: Full manuscripts are due August 15, 2015 to ferrierm@ohio.edu, when they will be peer-reviewed and considered for acceptance by NRJ. Please contact Michelle Ferrier at ferrierm@ohio.edu with questions. Manuscripts should conform to the guidelines for Newspaper Research Journal (http://www.newspaperresearchjournal.org/staticpages/index.php?page=submission_info).